The seminar will be held in Budapest, Hungary between 23-24 February 2018 and will be co-financed by the European Union.

Applicants will be informed by 08 February 2018 if their registration has been accepted.

Registration form via email shall be sent to Andrea Dalmay (

The seminar is open to national judges, prosecutors, and apprentice judges working in one of the EU Member States dealing with competition cases at national level who:

1) Deal with the review of the decisions adopted by national competition authorities;


2) All final instance judges dealing with competition law, including antitrust and state aid. (A final instance judge may be of an appellate court, if this court's decisions cannot be further challenged – so it is final).

This seminar has been designed as a follow-up of all of the seminars that have been organised on the Directive 2014/104/EU. It will therefore provide advanced level training to national judges.

Participation will be completely free of charge. The costs will be covered by EU and GVH funds.

Please consult the seminar announcement, which is available for download in the "events" section, for more information.